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What is Sexting and How to Sext

What exactly is “sexting” you might ask? Well, to put it in layman’s terms – it’s the exchange of sexual in nature texts between two (or more, why not, it’s more fun) consenting adults. Did you notice the “adult” part of the description? It’s very important! Sexting in general must be done only by adults, minors are not allowed at anytime! As a matter of fact even being on this very site right here is for folks 18 years of age and older. If you are not 18 please leave immediately by closing the tab, hitting the back button on your browser or the easiest way – by clicking right here. This is a serious business for adults done exclusively by adults and young peeps are not permitted.

So how and what to sext you might also ask. This is completely and 100% all up you! You can be a gentleman and keep it light and PG-13 at the beginning when you start your sexting session . Or go all out right away and text your-know-what and ask for you-know-exactly-what in exchange. There really aren’t many rules as long as it’s done by 2 consenting adults. If you’ve never done it before it’s not a bad idea to start slow, sext the ladies some general stuff and take it from there. The greatest thing about this adult texting thing is that you never really know where it will take you, you have a good general idea but how and when is the mystery and the fun. It’s what makes it so exciting and rewarding at the end! If you’ve never sent a sext before, you are in for a treat! And because the guys here know that some people haven’t done it before they offer it for free to test things up and get you going.

Sexting is a process of exchanging explicit personal content using social networks, emails, and messaging. The term appeared in 2005 in New Zealand and has not lost its relevance nowadays. Especially with the rise of online communication. More and more sites focus on uniting sexting lovers in one large community.

What makes free sexting websites popular among users is the freedom they get. People signup to get naughty with a like-minded person or find casual sex in their area. Just imagine a hot woman sharing nudes with you and revealing her wildest sexual fantasies. You are allowed to do anything your libido desires. All men go mad about that!

How to find a good free sexting site

Seeking a decent  site is like searching for a needle in a haystack. You may get lucky or spend hours and days, and weeks to achieve your aim. There is definitely a lot to consider. Reviews, safety measures, legitimacy, and usability, and reputation. Good news! You don’t need to do it on your own.

We have done all the work for you. Discover the top sexting sites that we have carefully selected for your pleasure!

  • Tinder – Tinder allows all individuals of legal age can explore the world of sexting, virtual sex, and hookup. Most action is happening on the app. Nevertheless, there is a user-friendly PC version for all fans of large screens. The site’s audience consists mainly of younger members. Most of them reside in the United States. Prices on Tinder fluctuate. How much you pay depends on the duration of a subscription plan and your age. Tinder has different prices for users under and over 28. You can learn more details below.
  • Bumble –  designed in 2014 by a former Tinder employee Whitney Wolfe. Truth be told, Bumble has a lot in common with Tinder except for one thing. Bumble empowers women to initiate communication. Ladies are in charge of starting a chatroom. One more awesome feature of Bumble is that it offers you matches based on your profile information instead of a search bar. This is definitely an exciting experience.
  • Arousr – this site is excellent for professional sexters. The website is extremely popular among males willing to pay and females who don’t mind being paid. There are so many horny ladies that you could not resist. Payments on Arousr are made in the form of credits. By investing money on the site, you support gorgeous ladies who sext and flirt with you. This system definitely has its advantages and pitfalls. What we know for sure is that by paying women, you encourage them to remain sexy and liberated.

Sexting is fun and exciting. Nevertheless, finding opportunities to enjoy it may be difficult. Happily to you, a trustworthy sexting site is no longer a dream. The sites and apps mentioned above all offer the chance to put your hookup skills to the test with a variety of like-minded partners whenever the inspiration strikes you. Sexting is incredibly easy. The hardest part is to make yourself stop!

In conclusion

The act of sexting is a form of sexual foreplay and should be done only by adults, 18 and older, who willing want to participate in it. It’s a popular thing and with the mass availability of different mobile devices and picture apps it will only get more and popular with time.

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This sexting site is for entertainment purposes only. Must be 18 or older!